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Pattern: Peach Print and Pizza Print

Strength: Peach (Strong) & Pizza (Extra Strong)

Measurement: Each band is 32cm X 8cm

Activate, Target and Isolate your glutes.

You will receive two short bands in this bundle one being the peach print with strong resistance and the other is pizza with extra strong resistance.

Resistance bands are a staple for anyone who is serious about improving their gluteal strength, function and development, whether it’s a gym workout or a home workout. Our resistance bands are a leg day essential for a killer workout.


  • Light and portable, they come in their own drawstring bag to keep them clean and a perfect fit in your gym bag or to take them on your travels.
  • FREE get started glute guide to kick start your training.
  • Raised rubber tag logo
  • Premium quality, made from a custom cotton, polyester, latex silk and rubber blend.
  • Manufactured with anti-slip ribbing on the inside, so there’s no need to worry about them rolling up your legs, you can focus on your form instead.
  • Reinforced stitching to maintain their band shape and elasticity. They are of durable strength to ensure longevity and multiple uses. 

Get a free plan with each band!

The plan will help you get started with the band and show you what workouts you can do in a properly programmed session plan. It also has a guide on banded exercises you can perform with the band and a good mobility routine to make sure you stay in great physical shape whilst working out.