Why to add a band to your hip thrusts!

Using our glute band for knee-banded variation of the hip thrusts (the band around your legs just above the knees) is by far our favourite variation for hip thrusts for increasing gluteal tension in the hip thrust. When you add a band either above or below knees, you have to drive your knees outward to resist the inward pressure of the band, which in turn increases glute activation during the lift specifically upper glute activation.

Give it a go !!!!

Our glute builder pro band is another amazing tool to to provide a unique stimulus to the hip thrust in that there is little resistance in the bottom position and maximum resistance in the top position whereas the barbell weighs the same the while way through. For example if your lifting 150kg on a barbell alone its 150kg throughout the entire range of movement. if your using a band on the other hand it could be 20kg at the bottom and 150kg at the top position for example. This means the exercise causes less damage because there isn’t as much loading in the bottom position, where the muscles are stretched. However by doing this you still get a load of muscle tension and metabolic stress.

Using the glute builder pro for extra resistance is great because they force you to focus on the lockout, which as you may know is the zone which you get the most glute activation! Its also the part where most people tend to cut corners on as it becomes the harder part when they add more weight to the lift. Just as people stop shy of parallel when they add load to the squat they stop going as High with the hip thrust, stopping just before lockout as the weight gets heavier, Adding our glute builder pro helps prevent this tendency by strengthening the lockout phase of the lift.

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